The 30th AHS Ceremony (2020)

The 30th AHS Conference was hosted by the AHS Secretariat - Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (Zambia) virtually, the opening ceremony was graced by the Minister of Energy, in the Government of the Republic of Zambia Hon. Matthew Nkhuwa - MP, the conference took place from the from the 7 th to 8 th October 2020.

The conference attracted a total of 123 registered delegates from 17 Countries namely, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Ghana, Croatia, Egypt, Namibia, Kenya, Czech Republic, DR Congo, Norway, United Kingdom, Nigeria and Zambia

Presenters during the virtual conference made presentations relating to the following topics:

  • Hydro Plant Operations Best Practices.
  • Hydropower Plant Maintenance Practices, Upgrades, Refurbishments and Fitting.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Hydropower Plant Performance.
  • Capacity Building and Technology Transfer for Sustainable Hydropower Development and Use
  • Hydropower Projects Financing
  • Refurbishment and Commissioning of New Hydropower Plants
  • Feasibility Studies for New Hydropower Plants
  • Erection and Commissioning of New Hydropower Units
  • Environmental Management
  • Strategic Planning and Hydropower Development

  • AHS 2020 Papers

    01. O&M digital challenge_Oscar van Rooy / Etienne Parkinson | Digital O&M Development Team Andritz Hydro, Austria / Switzerland Download

    02. “Industry 4.0. Technologies and their Major Disruptive Roles in Hydro Power Systems - A Key to Post COVID Recovery”_Mwape Chikonkolo Mwape_Zesco Download

    03. “Mini hydro development for rural areas of Zambia: Opportunities and Challenges”_Suzyo Joe Silavwe – Senior Planning Engineer Grid Development/ IAEREP Project Download

    04. The Baynes Hydroelectric Power Project -Mark Stehle| Baynes Project Engineer PJTC, Angola-Namibia Download

    05. “Partnership in mini hydro projects – Zambia and Sub-Saharian Africa”_Jan Pilar, Development Director Africa Download

    06. HyPIT: Customized GIS-Based Screening for Hydropower Potential_Dr. Patrick Schaefer | Head of Hydropower Studies Dr. Pawan Thapa | Senior Hydrologist & GIS-Expert FICHTNER, Germany Download

    07. Findings of the pre-feasibility study for the proposed west lunga ii hydropower project_Reynolds,Oscar,Vincent_Zesco Download

    08. “Risks associated with Public-Private Partnership for Hydro Power Projects at Project Development Stage-Project Feasibility.” _Eng.M.K.Nsefu | Researcher UNILUS, Zambia. Download

    09. KGRTC Business Development – Responding to Africa’s Hydropower Training and Consultancy Needs_Dean Musukwa_KGRTC Download

    10. Skills Development for Energy in Southern Africa_Mwaba Matimba_KGRTC Download

    11. Use of Lean Six Sigma in Hydro Utilities-James, Stephen_KENGEN Download

    A1. AHS-Plenary Presentation_Kaela Siame_KGRTC Download

    A2. 30thAHS - SUMMARY + CLOSING Presentation_10.08.2020 Download

    Official Closing Speech-30th AHS-08.10.2020 Download

    Photo Focus

    AHS 2019 in Pictures - 8th- 10th October 2019 Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel, Blantyre, Malawi