KGRTC Training programmes are on various topics and are offered throughout the year. All courses are intended for different personnel in energy and other non technical sectors. The KGRTC experience aims at integrating three strands:

  • Imparting knowledge on energy process techniques, management and other areas;
  • Practical learning ; and
  • Personal development.

The training programmes provided will give you a sound knowledge of essential financial areas of energy. The development of the ability to cope with new developments in the enrgy sector is also imparted to the course participants.

How you benefit

The value added training KGRTC delivers to the course participants comprises three core elements.

  • An element understanding of energy and engineering;
  • A marked improvement in personal strengths and effectiveness as a team player; and increment of transferable skills for a future or current career.

This fits in well with the African Union Agenda 2063 in shaping the Future we want for Africa through capacity strategic capacity building.

Training Facilitators

The centre has four full time lecturers on contract, and several Guest Lecturers on part time basis. All are highly qualified and have significant levels of experience in engineering and management from industry, a strength reinforced by current links with outside organizations such as ABB AB, Substation Automation Products (ABB SAP) in Sweden, Acier Profile SBB Inc, in Canada and the International Centre for Hydropower (ICH) in Norway. Their practical and academic expertise enables them t provide you with a realistic and pragmatic perspective on energy and other non-technical courses. Their support is also available on a personal level throughout the duration of the course.

Teaching Methods

Learning at KGRTC is an interactive process drawing on the experience of both lecturers and course participants.

We use a variety of teaching methods, including formal lectures, tutorials, study tours, computer based training and state of the art computerized and conventional simulators, software packages and laboratory work. The state-of-art equipment at KGRTC contributes significantly to the quality of training. We are an ISO 9001 certified Training Centre.

The course participants come from different utilities throughout Africa. The wide variety of backgrounds and job experiences of participants is one strength of KGRTC.

Training Assessment Methods

Assessment of participants on KGRTC training programmes is spread throughout the course duration and is based on a combination of written examinations and practical assignments.

Tailored Assessment Methods

We run courses in a wide range of subjects in addition to our scheduled programmes. Tailored courses are designed to meet specific client needs, addressing local business circumstance and they can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world. We frequently collaborate with clients by jointly promoting a tailored course to other organizations with similar training needs, enriching course participants’ interaction and allowing the cost of training to be optimized.

Training Needs Assessment

Our Lecturers and management can undertake needs assessments with client’s management teams, enabling us to accurately specify training requirements from which we then design the training programme that meet our client’s needs.



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